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Shave Cream   

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Shave Cream
Description: You're not used to this. An extremely smooth shave after one only use? With Anthony Logistics for Men, you'll quickly come to expect a flawless shave every time! ; Naturally moisturizing oils soften and lubricate facial hair to make shaving smoother. ; Cream washes easily off the blade to make cleanup a snap ; To use: Work a nickel-sized amount in hands and apply to cleansed damp face. Apply enough to coat the hair. Shave as usual. ; Key ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: Moisturizes, soothes, helps promote healing and calms. Refreshes, softens and soothes. In high concentrations in a cream or lotion, aloe extract can have healing properties and is also a mild humectant. Called the medicinal plant for its wound-healing properties. Helps restore the natural pH level to skin. Research suggests that Aloe Vera is very popular with men. Eucalyptus Oil Glycerin: Natural humectant, holds and retains moisture on the skin, helps bind moisture to the skin. Great for chapped skin. A clear liquid that is the model of a great humectant: Glycerin is able to pull water form the air and hold it on the skin. It helps keep moisture in creams and other products, even if the consumer leaves the cap off the container! Also helps the products to spread evenly. Goldenseal: Helps soothe and heal. Anti-itching agent. Wide range of healing applications for skin. Indian tribes used to use this as a general tonic. Also used for skin disorders and has antiseptic properties. Hops: Soothing and relaxing tonic. Licorice (Glycyrrhyza Glabra) Extract: Helps even skin tone and eliminate age spots. Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5): Highly effective humectant, helps heal, aids in moisture retention. Conditioning, nourishing and helps repair. Helps improve skin condition, eliminates dryness. Panthenol is a good skin moisturizer. A nutritional factor reported to have excellent properties relating to repair and thickening of normal hair. It benefits hair by increasing luster, aiding in moisture retention, and increasing elasticity. It helps to repair damage due to heat and may add up to 10% to hair thickness. Highly effective humectant with healing factor for scalp and skin. It is widely used in hair products and emollients. Peppermint: Refreshes, energizes, relaxes, soothes and stimulates. Inhabits bacterial for clearer skin. Clears your head. Cooling and antiseptic in bath and facial herbal preparations. It can help relieve itching, inflammation and sunburn. Also softens skin, helps to remove blackheads and is effective on greasy skin and hair. Peppermint Extract Rosemary: Helps heal and calm skin, and is rich in vitamin C. Squalene: Derived from wheat germ; lubricates and softens skin. Effective emollient. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate): Softens, smoothes and stimulates the skin's own moisturizing mechanisms. Helps to prevent the degeneration of collagen that results in wrinkled, tight, dry, aging skin. Smoothes


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