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Me! Bath

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Lumps, bumps and less-than-perfect parts. Who knew we'd grow up to worry about these things? You can continue to stress out about it or let the FatGirlSlimulator from Bliss take care of business! ; This rubber scrubber features a specially designed nubby surface that wakes up surface circulation. ; Stimulates drainage of excess fluids trapped in the thicker parts of our bodies. ; Perfectly preps the skin for product application. ; Measures 4. 5 wide. ; Capacity: 3 oz
Glamour Gloves   

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Glamour Gloves
Description: You've been primping and pampering your hands to perfection for the last month in hopes of scoring that hand-modeling job. But are they soft enough to beat out the competition? The Bliss Glamour Gloves guarantee that your dehydrated hands will become smooth, soft and supple, and definitely a top choice for the gig! ; These self-activating gloves are lined with grapeseed and ceramide gel, forming a healing and hydrating occlusive barrier on dry skin. ; Help soothe hands with psoriasis and/or eczema. ; To use: Slip on the Glamour Gloves for 20 minutes over a hand cream for quickly relieved hands. For extra dehydrated hands, you can leave on the Glamour Gloves overnight (do not wear gloves more than 12-14 hours a day). ; Listed ingredients: Cotton/nylon/lycra Combination Gloves With Polymer Gel Lining Contains Mineral Oil, Hydrogenated Styrene Isoprene/butadiene Copolymer, Olive Oil, Canola, Jojova Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Soybean Extract, Ceramide 3, Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E Acetate), Fragrance, Bht


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